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how do you unlock the last scene of denver...

Hey great game, can't wait until the full game comes out. Cause after prissy I couldn't go farther into the game 

Oigan, como puedo actualizar mi version? Soy de android y cuando intento actualizar sin perder el progreso sigue en la misma version

Hey there, I had to put this through google translate, but I think get the gist of the problem. I don't know which versions you have on android, but I would try and delete the current version that is on your phone before you try and install a new one. That might be the issue

help me please? I told them about the note but I can't talk to them again. What other information do I need? 

you need to romance a character. Fuco or prissy is available

help!! i’m stuck at the scene that prissy told me to go to the library to get the book of uniform or sth, how do i get that

It's in the first room of the library

How to unlock the Gerdalts CG 2 and 4?

Help! im stuck right after the crystel got stolen.

cant find the second clue. i told the prof i know who stole it. what should i do next??

There is an overview of your missions if you press the book at the top of the screen

its telling me to talk to dux but when i try, the game tells me to come back after i have more info

you might be locked into the main story, try finishing that and coming back to the prissy stuff later

Need help with mixing the paints. How do you do it?

Really liking this game so far, I didn't expect it to be so big and have so much to do! 

Is it still being developed? Because I'm pretty sure I've done all the quests and now I don't know what to do next. I helped Prissy with finding her dress, making soap to clean it, I did Donald's quest with the sidekick uniform, and of course the whole Greenhouse story with Gerald.

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There is still Sunflower and Fuco to deal with

Ok thanks, I'll have to talk to them again. I already did Fuco's painting quest and Sunflower's quest to collect all the flowers from the school.

Great game! :) Are the last sex scenes of Sunflower and Fuco available in 0.2.6 version?  I don't know how to unlock them...

unfortunately no, they'll come later

Thx for information. No problem, I'll wait :)

so far i LOVE this game, i do hope you plan on adding more furry and non human stuff but atm the plot is amazin and the characters are awesome! but i do have a question, how do you get the second scene for the wolf security guard whos name is currently escapin me?

you have to stop him from masturbating and then he will send you on a mission

On the topic of Crevan's scenes where can i get the third one?

the third one is available after the gerdalt mission


Im stuck in the hallway and cant get pass the two guys. What do i do lol

which hallway?


For the paint puzzle its 5 yellow 3 blue and 3 red. If it dosnt work switch the blue and red

Holy moly, not gay but I had to pause and comment the moment I saw warlord and saviour SsethTzeentach in the miniature


Hello, Has anyone experienced/ has an answer for: The Chrystal is now gone, say get book from Dux but i already got my book from him, plus it says talk to Gerdalt but i have already talked with him, plus greenhouse is locked. Just currently stuck and didn't know if i was missing something. Thank You Playing on PC

hi.. i seem to be stuck on the game and cannot moved forward.. i have romanced everyone, brought back callidus, and i have clicked on literally everything and everyone but the only option to talk to all the characters is "thats all".. pls help me!

You May have reached the end of the currently demo. Check the characters screen to see if you have all if the sex scenes. If not, then you might have more to so

ok, i check and i havent met the malum character yet and there is a question mark in the character screen.. pls tell me what to do!

If you have brought back Callidus, then you have met Malum, I'm sad to say. Have you played the hero segment?

nope.. not yet

then you should be able to go up the stairs in dorm in the new update and start the hero quest there

Cannot download the Mac version from itch app, but is able to download via itch site.


hmm... strange, I'll see if I can fix that


I'm really confuse on wheres the faculty room? 


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-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

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  File "renpy/display/", line 652, in find_target

    raise Exception(error)

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Acolytes 0.2.6

Mon Aug 22 05:01:33 2022


I just faced this during the investigation on the lookout tower in the greenhouse, and I try to ignore but it just get stucked and can't continue on the story

Be more specific, it's stucked after investigating crowbar and the chest and the game seem crashed after that

Hey There. Thanks for the update, I'll look into it. I can't promise a fix right away, so I'd suggest redoing the investigation for now.

I found a sequence on the investigation where the game didn't crash on me. Camp - Ruin - Lookout tower, these are the sequence that works for me. (Hope it helps those who faced the same issue as me.)
And good work for this VNs, (first time playing it and I'm liking it)

Hyyy so I'm stuck on two things, first it says to get a book from the library in but every time I talk to the library in she says go away, second it says talk tto dux but I already know he's in the chrystal temple can u tell me how to get there?? And how to get the book for prissy from the librarian??

you have to move upwards on the map screen to find the Chrystal riim. there is an up arrow that can help you out,


where can I find the book of denver?

talk to everyone at the bottom row of the dorm, they all have hints

I can't find any books to find the name for the hero, i only see the books from fuco's quest where we need to convince snake

there is an arrow above the door in the library which leads to a new room

HELP  I'm stuck where the racist dude stole the giant crystal and it wont let me progress I already talked dux about it but they aren't doing anything


you need to do 2 things here: first go to the racist guy's room and check the note he left behind and second Romance either Fuco or prissy successfully. ONce this is done you can progress the story

thanks a lot

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May I know if the nsfw content of this game feature only / predominantly player bottom content now, judging from the gifs on this page? It's been like a year and a half since I last tried it. Thx!

there Are some top scenes in there as Well. I try as best I Can to make it equal

Good to know! Thx for the reply

I just had the chance to play ver 0.2.6. I honestly felt that the "make it equal" statement is... more than a bit far from the truth lol.

The game itself is still great. I like the storyline and the music. But for real, I personally think the top / bottom scene ratio needs some actual adjustment.
- Absolutely no player top scene with Gerdalt, Sunflower, Fuco, and Donald? I mean C'MON...
- The only player top scenes are with androgenous / feminine characters, Prissy and perhaps Chance. Well, I personally do not think attributing all bottom content to one specific body type is the way to go.

I know I may come off as a bit irritated, but these are my honest feedback. This is YOUR game, it's totally fine if you want to make it based on your own liking and make it, say, an entirely player bottom game. But I think it's important to keep that info transparent, so the audience know what they are in for.

Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but is there like a guide or something like that that can help with figuring out how to progress for certain routes? I've been trying and can't seem to get to any of the routes I want to try for, such as Gerdault or the superhero for example. I just would like some sort of help or hint, as I'm getting a bit frustrated with how much I've struggled trying to activate those routes. I understand though if there's not one available and I have to figure it out on my own, just thought it couldn't hurt to ask at least..

there is a book at the top of the screen. You Can get a mission tracker, if you Press that, with hints about what to do next

I looked but I don't seem to see the book at the top of my screen, unless you are referring to the "quest" I click that gives a book for all the characters I've interacted with so far. I'm at the point of speaking with Dux about the powers I do have, then it says I now have access to the second floor dorms. But then the game ends, did I miss something?

Apologies if I made a mistake somewhere along tge way.

Deleted 161 days ago

What do you mean by "the game ends"

It shows me this screen of the thanks for playing and link to the patreon, then takes me back to the main menu. It did this for a couple other times too, however I suspected I just made a mistake in those cases. Apologies if my description isn't the best. As well as apologies if I misunderstood or made a mistake along the way too.

hmm... this could be a bug, it is supposed to bring you back to dux

how can i go to school

the back button should bring you to an overview

Deleted 166 days ago

is there a guide?

the book at the top of the screen is a mission guide

I've been trying to figure out the superhero's name for an hour 🥲

There Are books in the library that Can help you out

I found it thanks !

Will we see Denvor more than this or is his arc finished? I'm in need of hairy men lmao.


There is more Denver planned for the update coming up on in a couple of months. If you can't wait, then you can find the update right now un patreon

I tried looking in Gerdalt's office and can't find anything. Next step in the quest log just says to talk to him, but I can't seem to be able to progress. Anybody know if there is a walkthrough anywhere or what needs to be done past this point? Thanks.

What was the last thing you did before you got stuck?

I spoke with him and asked him "What's your power?" and I got the hint to search his office, which I did, but I was unable to find any clues there. I'm probably looking in the wrong place haha

you need to start the investigation minigame in his office (it’s started by pressing the link icon tobtheleft of the screen)

Sorry, is that the chain in the top left? It's not highlighted when I hover over it and nothing happens when I click.

I may have been a bit confused by where you were in the game. There should be a button to the right of the screen with a question mark on it, once you enter Gerdalts office. This starts the investigation mini-game, which will help you talk to Gerdalt and progress the mission

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I enjoy the story so much :)      

keep up the amazing work

Please Help me I just Played This Like yesterday and im still stuck At 'dux told me that we have to get signature from the Faculty now But i cant find The Faculty 😭😭😭😭

the faculty Are found in their classrooms

but where??

wait, did it say i unlocked it? sorry i dont pay attention to details (umm bad habit i guess?) 

i unlock dorm second floor, and the dorm that was "coming soon" but somehow i dont have?

please help me, how to convince snake to model


You can fail to do that, so you have to pick your reasoning for him to model very carefully. If you are stuck in general, then you can always consult the quest guide (it's the book at the top of the screen)

Any plans for adding more content for Chance?

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yes, Chance will get a romanceable path at some point, I can't say when though


Does it exist in  French version?

I'm sorry no. The game is still in development, there might be other versions once the game is done

OK . Thank you, I will go on with the English one so.  Meanwhile waiting for a translation.  Thks for answering.

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