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"Acolytes of the Chrystal" follows the young aspiring writer Andrew Herman as he goes on his first expedition with the world-famous adventurer Denver Johnston.

Suddenly, Andrew finds himself whisked away to a magic world where a school known as "the academy of the Chrystal" floats free in an endless void. Andrew now has to navigate a world populated by Elfs, Pels, and people of all colors and creeds while he tries to figure out what is going on. 

Acolytes of the Chrystal deals in explicit gay themes (male on male). There are detailed illustrations of nudity,  sexual acts, and there are explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts. 

this game is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

  • Point'n'click/visual novel gameplay
  • A deep and immersive game world that deals with sex, magic, and lost worlds
  • 25 animated/collectible sex scenes
  • 7 unique and interesting romanceable characters
  • 23 hours (230.000 words) of story and characters

If you like this content, then please consider supporting it by sharing the game with your friends or donating a few bucks.

 a little goes a long way for these projects and anything you can do helps.

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I need help with potion snake

Ughhhh I wanna play but when will update it's been 1 year huhu



February is it?


hopefully, there might be a delay

Will 0.2.7 come to itch eventually?


Yeah, I'm hoping to have it out by the start fo february

Was this game abandoned in favor of the other ones?

Not quite, it's just on a long pause

Only question so far since i have reach *red* gate

How do i get craven anal sex?

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My book doesnt work, i mean like it doesnt tell me what to do at the right time, for example, in the tab 'Hero', it says talk to silverado, but when i do. i just say i think thats all. ;-; there is nothing i can do atm in the game but i have so many scenes left.
And in fucos mission thing, if i want to get snake to pose for fuco, i gotta get the books from the library right, but for some reason i get to books talk to snake he says hell pose if i say the one about stress, then i go to library and get the book on the top i can/have to do it again??? Please help i cant move forward in the game atm, i might be able to but idk how every character i talk to doesnt have anything to say to me nor me to them.

hi i love the game, i was wandering if their was a 0.2.7 of this game because the 0.2.6 said their was an new realease to this and i can't find it on patreon.

the newest version is v. 0.2.7 on patreon. Yu will have to scroll almost a year back to find it though

is the only scene with chance in the current non-patreon version, the BJ scene?


What do I have to do in Dux and Crevan's mission? I already went to Malum's room and found the letter but I don't know what to do now

you have to romance two characters at least. 

Deleted 160 days ago

which dog?

Deleted 160 days ago
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Hi! Been loving the game and its art so far but i've hit an error where within the tower in the greenhouse as soon as i finish the investigation an exception occurs and rolling back or ignoring doesn't help and neither does re-loading the game, was wondering if there is a fix for this? Thanks in advance!

Edit: No worries I managed to fix it by going to the other place first! Although now I have another question, will we get any callidus scenes in the future?

va you send me a screenshot of the error

Oh don't worry I managed to fix it! Although i have another question, will we see anymore crevan content and will we get any callius scenes in the future? 

yes and yes

Is the game completed?


Not yet, but you can get the newest update of the game on patreon

Hello, I encounter a bug in the game during the soap mission with ChanceHello, I encounter a bug in the game during the soap mission with Chance. Help me

Help- i can't figure how to mix the color its so hard im dying 😭

hello, it's been a long while since I've tries this game. But unfortunately I still can't get into the greenhouse nor go pass my original conversation with Gerarlt. Was a good game otherwise. Have a good day 

Wait how do I talk to Snake😭 do i have to mix a potion? What are the ingredients 😩😭🕳️🏃‍♂️

the book at the top of the screen is a mission tracker, if you're confused you can find answers there

its so fun but i cant get past the paint mixing part its so hard

check the comments on here, you are not alone

I'm done with that but I forgot the sequence.

OMG!!!!! I love this game the art is amazing the story is great and I want more. I'm going to have to talk my husband into letting me buy it. wish me luck he's a straitlaced prude.

thanks, that is so kind


How get a 2 person ? The headmaster said it


You can't do that in the current version of the game, but you will be able to once the game is finished


I'm so stuck at the part of painting that fuck ask can anyone help? Please


Does anyone know how to unlock #2 and #6 of Gerdalt's scenes? I've finished the greenhouse area and seems I have missed them somehow 

you can talk to Gerdalt in each of the puzzles, there will be a conversation there that ca unlock the extra scenes you're looking for


Oh! Thank you 💕 I didn't realise there was a scene there. I will have to reload my save!

How to find denver's notebook ?

it's in Prissy's room

So... does this game have fully completed storyline already?


The game is still in development, but I hope to have the entire project finished in 23

Don't forget to fill out the form here to enter into the queer games bundle:


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I've just played the newest update with Bos (from Patreon) and it is really awesome! I'm looking forward to play next update :)

how do you unlock the last scene of denver...

You need to find his Journal

Hey great game, can't wait until the full game comes out. Cause after prissy I couldn't go farther into the game 


Have You been to greenhouse yet?

Oigan, como puedo actualizar mi version? Soy de android y cuando intento actualizar sin perder el progreso sigue en la misma version

Hey there, I had to put this through google translate, but I think get the gist of the problem. I don't know which versions you have on android, but I would try and delete the current version that is on your phone before you try and install a new one. That might be the issue

help me please? I told them about the note but I can't talk to them again. What other information do I need? 

you need to romance a character. Fuco or prissy is available

help!! i’m stuck at the scene that prissy told me to go to the library to get the book of uniform or sth, how do i get that

It's in the first room of the library

How to unlock the Gerdalts CG 2 and 4?

Help! im stuck right after the crystel got stolen.

cant find the second clue. i told the prof i know who stole it. what should i do next??

There is an overview of your missions if you press the book at the top of the screen

its telling me to talk to dux but when i try, the game tells me to come back after i have more info

you might be locked into the main story, try finishing that and coming back to the prissy stuff later

but im not even interested in prissy....how's that happening? i cant progress in the main story after getting the first clue.


Need help with mixing the paints. How do you do it?


Really liking this game so far, I didn't expect it to be so big and have so much to do! 

Is it still being developed? Because I'm pretty sure I've done all the quests and now I don't know what to do next. I helped Prissy with finding her dress, making soap to clean it, I did Donald's quest with the sidekick uniform, and of course the whole Greenhouse story with Gerald.

(1 edit)

There is still Sunflower and Fuco to deal with

Ok thanks, I'll have to talk to them again. I already did Fuco's painting quest and Sunflower's quest to collect all the flowers from the school.

Great game! :) Are the last sex scenes of Sunflower and Fuco available in 0.2.6 version?  I don't know how to unlock them...

unfortunately no, they'll come later

Thx for information. No problem, I'll wait :)


so far i LOVE this game, i do hope you plan on adding more furry and non human stuff but atm the plot is amazin and the characters are awesome! but i do have a question, how do you get the second scene for the wolf security guard whos name is currently escapin me?

you have to stop him from masturbating and then he will send you on a mission

On the topic of Crevan's scenes where can i get the third one?

the third one is available after the gerdalt mission


Im stuck in the hallway and cant get pass the two guys. What do i do lol

which hallway?

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