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"Acolytes of the Chrystal" follows the young aspiring writer Andrew Herman as he goes on his first expedition with the world-famous adventurer Denver Johnston.

Suddenly, Andrew finds himself whisked away to a magic world where a school known as "the academy of the Chrystal" floats free in an endless void. Andrew now has to navigate a world populated by Elfs, Pels, and people of all colors and creeds while he tries to figure out what is going on. 

Acolytes of the Chrystal deals in explicit gay themes (male on male). There are detailed illustrations of nudity,  sexual acts, and there are explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts. 

this game is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

  • Point'n'click/visual novel gameplay
  • A deep and immersive game world that deals with sex, magic, and lost worlds
  • 17 animated/collectible sex scenes
  • 6 unique and interesting romanceable characters
  • 20 hours (200.000 words) of story and characters

If you like this content, then please consider supporting it by sharing the game with your friends or donating a few bucks.

 a little goes a long way for these projects and anything you can do helps.

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Get this game and 587 more for $60.00 USD
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Any plans for adding more content for Chance?

(1 edit)

yes, Chance will get a romanceable path at some point, I can't say when though


Does it exist in  French version?

I'm sorry no. The game is still in development, there might be other versions once the game is done

OK . Thank you, I will go on with the English one so.  Meanwhile waiting for a translation.  Thks for answering.

I don't suppose thier is a guide on how to get to the X scenes is there?

Which scene??

Chance and Crevan for starters. Sometimes with so many paths and options it can be VERY frustrating trying find the routes I'm looking for.

The book at the top of the screen has a quist tracker. You'll be able to see what you need there

SPOILERS and I need help ---- idk if I need to restart the game or make different choices, but: the story isn't progressing anymore. I've gone a little past the crystal shutting down, I gathered new info for Dux and Cevran, helped Prissy with the soap, but now there's literally nothing else I can do... Unless I'm missing something??

you need to charge up a Chrystal, i would suggest either Prissy or Fuco as the easy choice. If you're stuck, then press on the book at the top of the screen, it will show you what you need to do next

ooooh, I see. Thank you!

Hi! Got the game through the queer bundle. Is there (or will there) be a romance line for Denver? (Believe it or not, I really like his character)

Thanks! :)


there is more denver content coming in future updates. I can’t promise a full romance line yet, but if you get more support, then i might consider it

thanks for considering it! I think he's hot and love to see a character arc for him too xD

How to get Fuco and Prissy last scene?

those scenes wont be available until the final build

Just how many scenes are there with Gerhold? I've got 6, with 3 empty slots(2,4 and and 6)

Theere are 9 scenes with gerdalt in all. You can talk to him whenever you're doing an investigation, to get the scenes you're missing

Are they in order?.

Well, the three investigation scenes aren't in any particular order, but the scenes your looking at go: camping, tower and ruin


After investigating the camp in the greenhouse, when I go to talk to gerdalt to say I have finished my investigation I run into this error.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/scripts/places/greenhouseCampsite.rpy", line 357, in <module>

NameError: name 'Ending_greenhouse' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "scripts/places/greenhouseCampsite.rpyc", line 357, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 928, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/scripts/places/greenhouseCampsite.rpy", line 357, in <module>

NameError: name 'Ending_greenhouse' is not defined



Acolytes 0.2.5

Tue May 17 23:42:27 2022


How do i pass the scene where the portal get destroy i already finish the scene where i give them the note the professor left when he stole the crystal but it said i still need clue.....

(1 edit)

The ending of the game isn't finished yet, but if you are stuck, then you're gonna have to start talking to the students and around the school, maybe try and romance some of them.

ow okayyy thankyouu

(1 edit)

Love the new update.  All the new stuff is awesome. 

the only thing I can't seem to unlock is the new patches Crev Scene.  I have seen him jerking off by the pillar, I've gotten the comic book thank you blow job.  But I'm dying to get to the new third anal scene?  Am I just completely goofballs.  I've tried to talk to him on every side quest...


You can only get the third scene with him after the Gerdalt mission, this is true for the new scenes with Sunflower and Charta as well. I know that I have been a bit withholding on Crevan, but I promise you, there will be more content with him coming down the pike.

EVEN MORE with Crevan.  Oh you are too too too good to us ^_^

I love him so

I have really been enjoying this game, and I hate to just ask for the answer, but I have poked around in Gerdalt office and his classroom a few times but cannot figure out how to start his route. I just need a little bit of help.

The Gerdalt route starts after the Chrystal is stolen. You can go to his classroom after it is snatched

Okay, so I went to his office after the Chrystal gets stolen, but I can't find anything to interact with, it doesn't seem any different to me. Can you please help? I think that I have done everything else in the game, all I have left is what happens with him (and any other characters that would be affected by his story).

you Can always check your question progress in the book at the top of the screen, that will tell you more specifically what to do. What I Can say here, is that you need to go to Gerdalts classroom after the chrystal has been stolen and talk to him

I just downloaded the latest Android version on Patreon. When I get to the first solo scene with Denver's, there are no controls, thus no way to finish the scene. The previous version on Itch works fine.

Never mind, I'm an idiot. There are arrows on the right

how do i romance the dog that keeps forgetting things

I'm not sure which character you're talking about here?

(1 edit)

when you go around and find people to sign the petition the one in the classroom keeps forgetting what you said and that leads to you having to keep repeating till he signs

that is Ebrius and he will, unfortunately, never be romanceable... Or at least, I have no plans to make him romanceable in this game. Maybe he'll come back in the sequel, if people are super into him

ahh i  see..does he really have bad memory or is he just a joker

is there a third crevon scene im missing or does he have 2 so far

(sorry if broken english)

the second scene comes if you interrupt crevan while he’s masturbating

This game is amazing, however I am having difficulty with Gerald's route like how do you start it? 


the survival classroom opens Once the Crystal has been stolen, You should be able to get to Gerdalt then

Ohh yeah I know that but when I go to talk to him the only thing I can ask is ,what is his power. And I don't know what to do after, like should I do something before i talk to him ? Sorry, haha ,I need a little bit of quidence please 

Try going to his office, maybe you can find out what his power is there

Ok thanks

The story is so interesting. Very interesting characters. Enjoying the art style. And what a twist. What a twist. I don't think I've hated a character the way I do Mallum in a long time. 

This made me so happy, thanks for the nice review!

Im stuck in the Dr Malom Chaos event, I have already found his note and talked to Dux and crevon yet I can't seem to find what they want me to find next?

You have to go out and romance a character to further the story, I would suggest Fuco or Prissy.

I've played this far what should I do next

you may have come to the end of the current build. There will be a new update comming soon


Help me pls! I can't pass :(

5 times yellow, 3 times blue 3 times red

hello, I've tried installing the android version of the game thrice now today and it keeps on failing when it reaches above 60% and so and I've tried switching browsers and the internet connection, even cleared up my storage and cache data but nothing is working. pls help.

Hey there.
It sounds like you're having trouble downloading the game and I don't think I can help there. I would advise that you speak to the itch support team: https://itch.io/support

alright, tysm.

Have you tried using the alternate download option on the download page?

not really because i can't seem to find that option and I'm on android btw.

Thank you for submitting your project to our bundle. We are really excited to have you as part of this project. To ensure you are able to participate you also need to fill out a quick survey so that we’ll be able to add you to the bundle properly when the time comes.

Please fill out the survey here:


I'm on Linux, are all versions of the game updated at the same time or is the PC version usually the most up to date?

how do i unlock the second Crevan scene, fourth Fuco scene and the fifth Sunflower scene ???

The second Crevan scene is unlocked by disturbing him when you find him masturbating once you come back from the ruin of Kathatra, the fourth Fuco scene is not available yet, unfortunately, and that is also the case for the 5th Sunflower scene

okay cool thank you so much !! great game loving it !! 

(4 edits)

hello! I'm missing fourth cg Fuco scene and fifth cf Sunflower scene, how can I get them (assuming they are in the game) edit. just read below that they will be in the final version! cant wait) and second scene with Gerdalt edit found it lol

love your game!!! please more bara dudes and monster haha

Good evening I am stuck at the loss of crystal I have to do what

(sorry for my English 

you can't go through the portal yet, that comes in a later update

Okey and esque  in the new update esque there will be more scene with Crevan

More crevan is coming, in the next couple of updates

Okay thanks 

Ok please help I'm so lost how do I mix the paints I keep trying but to no avail

check further into the comments, the answer is listed there several times

What is the potion in snakes class downstairs of the second big building

right now the only use of the cauldron is for the Prissy ark

i downloaded a month ago how do I download updates as they come I’m new to this sort of games?

You just delete the game that is on your PC and download the new version of the website. Your save files and the like should carry over

I'm getting a major glitch at the paint mixing puzzle. If I click on the "Go Back" button (the one on the bottom) from that screen it restarts the entire game from the beginning! Fortunately the "Back" option on the top bar still functions and takes me back to the paint and then to the wider view of Fuco's office, so I haven't lost and progress. It's just weird.

(On a more general note I would just like to express how much I hate hate hhhaaaaaated the paint mixing puzzle. It's finicky and frustrating and unlike any other part of the game so far. I just wanted to spend more time with Fuco, but instead of posing naked for the hot sensitive orc artist I had to pull out paper and a pen and do math while playing porn game)

I'm sorry that you disliked the puzzle, It's never nice to hear that someone had a bad experience with the game. That said, I will be looking into the glitch, thanks for letting me know.

Sorry that may have come off way more confrontational than I really intended. I was frustrated. I think because it was just so unexpected? Like I said, that that part is unlike anything else in the game, but once I got over that and started writing it out it got a lot easier. So maybe that's on me...

Either way I'd just like to make it clear that I am actually really liking the game so far. The characters are fun (I like Prissy and Snake and Charta, even when they're being infuriating), the setting is interesting and the sex scenes are well distributed (and hot). Keep up the good work!

thank you, I really appreciate that and don't worry, I did not take you last comment that seriously, I actually thought it was really funny

how did you do the puzzle??

I don't think I understand the question

I agree I am still stuck on it. I keep getting close but obviously not close enough.


I really like crevan I hope he shows up more and has more "scenes" *wink**wink*

The app keeps exiting without me exiting it.

Can you be more specific about the issue

Every time when there is a new sex scene in the app it just stops and I have to restart it.

I'll look into that and see if I'll be able to fix it


Why Malum is that bad? Wish I could make his change... great game btw

Hey, great game! congratulations!

But, I can't find the Denver's notebook... Can you help me?

For the future add more teachers playable please!!

thank you so much!


hey there. Denvers notebook is on yop of prissy's dresser

Hey this game is really great and I was super happy when I saw that the last update just happened. Currently I am trying t get everyones gallery full, but I have one problem with Fuco and Sunflower, I don't know how to unlock Sunflowers final scene and for Fuco (BEWARE SPOILERS)

I just can't get the right amount of paint, any tips?

Hey There.
There is a scene for both Fuco and Sunflower that is unavailable. This means that one scene in their gallery is closed off until the final version of the game is available.

thank you, looking forward to the full release then.

(1 edit)

The title should be "The Slut of the Academy". Basically, you can't select the MC role. He just satisfies the other. Nothing special. Boring.

I'm having trouble installing the android file. Is it just me?

what exactly is the issue

after the crystal is taken what am i suppose to do I look everywhere

You are meant to romance characters, once the chrystal is take


What do I have to do here? (help)

The book at the top of the screen is a quest guide. This will help you to figure out what to do next

Deleted 237 days ago
(1 edit)

Will this be release in the public or on patreon the new update I mean?

There is a new Update coming on the 29. October  2021.

As always, if you want early access to the updates, then you Can get Them on patreon.

Thank you so much for making this. This game is hella serious. What I meant is, that this game is amazing. And you clearly shown you put everything in this game. I can't wait for Dux and Snake and to be available. And maybe other characters.

(1 edit) (+1)

hey Ryu.
Thanks so much for the kind comment, it means a lot to know that I have players like you in my corner. As you have probably guessed, there are a lot of characters coming to the game and many more romanceable paths still to be written, so stay tuned.

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