Furry Kain

I got such great feedback yesterday from you guys about the furry mod for abducted That I thought I would starts sharing the development of this version of the game a bit more frequently.

What you see above is the furry version of Kain. Kain is a pretty prickly character, so I wanted to keep him angular, dark and sharp. The only animal I could think of that is visually that angular is a fenik.

The plan, as it pertains to the furry mod for Abducted, is that I will make a version of the demo. If that does well, then I might make a furry mod for the full game.

Get abducted - demo

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I am sorry to hear that, I would love for you to play the game.
To answer your question, I will be making a demo version of the furry mod (which will be free), but the main game is still pay to play. However, I am considering getting the game on to steam, would that help your issue?

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